My mum is making me anxious

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Due to my bad mental health, I decided to withdraw myself from my Alevel exams by retaking year 13 instead. My parents were not happy about this at all but I thought they will eventually get over it; but I was wrong. My mum is constantly sobbing and saying things. Any word that comes out of her mouth makes my heart drop she even called me a liar and saying where are your panic attacks now? are they gone now that you don’t have to do exams anymore? I don’t know what to do with her constant crying am I really that bad of a kid?
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Whoaaah that's an overreaction on her part. Loads of people do an extra year in sixth form. It's normal, and it will help you get the best grades you can.

Maybe try getting her to spell out exactly what she is worried about? Offer to listen to her concerns. See what she's trying to say. Let her say all of them and then see what you can both do to address them.
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Only you know how hard you have worked in this last year and whether your reasons for dipping out of A levels are genuine too. Your Mum doesn't believe you. It's also very easy to use mental health as an excuse. The pressures to just take all of these exams are huge. These will always be ridiculously hard exams particularly in year 13. They take and need lots of time and prolonged effort to get through them. That cranks up the pressure on you to perform when you might not feel like performing or enormous pressure if you haven't kept up to work during the year. That alone can cause you emotional distress but that is not necessarily a sign of poor mental health.

The only difficulty you might have is that when you come to the end of year 13 - repeated and you are still in exactly the same place you are now - not wanting to take A levels. Are you ready for this? If you have done lots of work already your Mum may feel you are giving in before you have even failed (if that makes sense) You don't have to be perfect, you just have to try and do your best.

Only you will know whether your 'bad' mental health is genuinely bad. If it has or you need advice then please ensure you get the right professional medical health support and get some support from your school too. Try to understand how you are dealing with the pressures you are facing right now, and how you can find a way to be in a stronger frame of mind.

This is not easy at all to go through at all. However, you do need to be honest with yourself as to what you want to do in life, whether A levels are for you and where you want to be in six months or a year. Your Mum is concerned about you and maybe she feels you are throwing away a lost year in her eyes. I hope you can take some independent advice here and talk things through with a counsellor at school or a careers helper. Good luck and make sure you do what is right for you long term.

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