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Journey to Japan with a mix of anime game soundtracks (Gameplay with Baby Queen)

I don't know whether it was Baby Queen or someone else at the BBC who decided to spell anime with an é, but I will not be repeating that mistake here. This is neither France or the 1990s. :noway:

Anyhow, as much as I love both anime and gaming, I don't often mix the two - much prefer western CRPGs to those from Japan. Had to rack my brain a bit, but then I remembered Tales of Eternia, from back when I had a PSP. Fantastic game. The anime adaptation is terrible, though.

Feel free to post your thoughts on this episode, and/or your own favourite tracks from anime style games!
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Timé for Gaméplay with Baby Quéén. :blow:

Théy havén't fixéd thé épisodé namé yét. :no:
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Ni No Kuni: Wrath of thé Whité Witch - Thémé: ...okay, I'll stop with the é thing now. Very grand choice for the opening!

Naruto Ultimate Ninja - Main Theme: Better than the anime filler episodes I'm slogging through right now. :yucky: Nice and relaxing.

Pokemon Green - Battle! Pokemon Trainer: A classic... though I wish it was THE classic Game Boy version.

.hack//G.U. - Everything in This Hand: Never played the games, though I've watched most of their anime adaptations. Great track.

Genshin Impact - Rite of Battle: A few of my friends are into this game. Okay orchestral theme, but it probably my least fave so far.

Astral Chain - Dark Hero: This one really didn't do much for me. Short, too.

Dragon Ball Z - The Galaxy Last Moment: I've read the original Dragon Ball manga, but have no experience with DBZ. Fun tune.

Doki Doki Literature Club - Theme: I guess American games are fine on this 'Journey to Japan'! Cute track, either way.

Fire Emblem: Three Houses - Fodlan Winds: Fantastic fantasy adventure BGM. :yy:

Catherine: Full Body - Polovtsian Dances: Music is fine; game is transphobic. :nn:

Code Vein - Theme: Grand orchestral track with choral chanting; we've had many of those over the weeks, but this was one of the best.

Tales of Vesperia - Symphony of the Vesper: Same franchise as my pick, Tales of Eternia! Slow and calm.

Azure Strike Gunvolt - Quinn's Theme: Another more slow-paced theme. Didn't mind it.

The Great Ace Attorney - Curtain Call Suite: Adventure's End: ...and back to the dramatic, adventurous music!

River City Girls - Boss: Misuzu: Ending on something more electronic, fast-paced and intense.

Overall, very strong playlist, as usual. Just fix the episode title, please?
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Timé for Gaméplay with Baby Quéén. :blow:

Théy havén't fixéd thé épisodé namé yét. :no:

Is that your rebellion due to the BBC blunder or do you intend to reform the English language now? :lol:

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