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As the title mentions, not sure if anyone else has gone though or is going through a difficult time.

I’m currently in my late 20’s, I was working with a software/it company for the past 3 years or so, it was great while I started but the workplace just got more and more toxic e.g. micromanagement. Even though all of the work was being carried out. The new manager came in at the start of the year and cleared out all part time staff and required the same amount of work from me, I spoke up about this but emails were just ignored even when mentioning the stuff that was going on to HR.
So i just left the place which is crazy people have been saying as the current economic climate isn’t great but I needed to put my mental health first.

I’m still currently applying for roles at the current time but companies ask why did you leave and the only thing I can say is for a new challenge as they wasn’t much development at the company.

I’m started something myself as I have currently the time and the funds to do so but not entirely sure what I’d go into my career has been based around IT. So ideally something along those lines but I’m not sure.
I’m not the smartest of people, I’m not really sure if I have a problem autism etc. I’ve always felt like the odd one out weather that be in work or even within my friend group. My friends are getting married having kids etc. and here I am whose not even had a girlfriend and I find it somewhat difficult to speak to females around a similar age. This is an added pressure.
I’ve only got one real friends who actually check upon me with a text to see how I am or ask if I’m ok.
I always put everyone first which I think is my biggest problem as i feel bad to so no to anyone.

So any advice would be appreciated
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I wouldn't mention mental health as a reason for leaving last job but there are many more reasons that would be more palatable to a new employer. Left for:
1) Gap year travelling (make something up)
2) Previous company too political
3) Your project was cancelled and you were made redundant
4) Company was bought and your job moved to another company/country

The job market for SW people should be fairly buoyant at the moment be flexible on roles and location. As it is easier getting a job when you already have one. Be positive and present a can do attitude.

Good Luck

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