Best friend has ghosted me out of nowhere

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My best friend of 5 years has just randomly stopped replying to me. I go to uni and she’s working and have asked her to meet up many times in the last 6 months, and each time she’s cancelled last minute to come and see me at uni. I’ve tried to call her to catch up, and she says she will call me back but doesn’t. So we haven’t seen eachother in 6 months.

It’s making me really upset tbh, she was like my sister for so long and then suddenly nothing. I’m now feeling quite angry at her. If she doesn’t want to be friends anymore I wish she would tell me instead of promising to call or catch up and then just avoids me when the time comes. I feel I’m being ghosted without explanation!

I don’t know what I’ve done wrong. It really hurts seeing her hang out with everyone else on social media and then ignores my texts. Should I just move on? Would it be bad of me to unfollow her so it doesn’t hurt as much?
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Let her know about it, and then move on.

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