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So I have noticed in the internet that even if you are a graduate in bachelors of engineering courses, you can still go into finance field such as actuarial analyst or other finance jobs like financial analysts...
Is this actually true that this can happen or am I misinterpreting stuff online? How do you land into finance roles if your a graduate in engineering course? Why do employers allow people from different academic backgrounds? Wouldn't that make people from doing engineering type courses less advantageous as compared to those who does economics, business, accounting & finance courses? Is there a point in doing those finance courses when the engineering graduates can get into finance field? Whats the difference? Is there a thing where either graduates from any fields have to complete when applying to finance field or what? Is there a link between engineering and finance type courses? I am assuming the only link is maths but not some IT literacy skills...Im in year 11 so I am just trying to understand the real life world since its kinda complex, so don't mind me asking a lot of be helpful if someone can make me understand this or who was an engineering graduate who landed into finance roles...thanks again : )

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