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Hi there,

I'm an engineer from Thailand is going to UK for the September intake, taking MBA to advance my career goal.

If possible I'd like to job hunt after the 1 year MBA in UK.

I'm quite aware of the rankings, modules and accreditations of each university choices I have, but as a foreigner, some information maybe isn't accessible to me.

1.Loughborough university 25% scholarship
2.Aston University waiting for scholarship
3.University of Surrey 30% scholarship
4.Brunel University no scholarship

May I ask you guys here, about the inside information about the student life, daily life, pros and cons, of these universities a bit more ?

I'm quite lean towards Aston, as I think it is the business school there is great.

Thank you for all the comments in advance!

P.S : My bachelor grades are at only 2.8, and tried applying to other high ranking universities as well, they rejected me mostly of the grades and low managerial working experience (I worked for around 6 years, 3 years management exp.)

Hi there,

To introduce myself I'm Joao. In my final year studying BSc Economics at Surrey University, I am working as a Campus Ambassador for JP Morgan. I recently finished my one-year industrial placement as an Economist for the British Government's Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (Defra). I also had the opportunity to work as a Private Secretary to the Minister of Environment and Biosecurity.

It's great to hear you have applied to Surrey and received an offer. If you have questions about Surrey or uni life in general, please ask, as I am here to help you. :smile:

Our full-time MBA and executive (part-time) MBA courses offer a transformational learning experience. The Surrey MBA will do more than enhance your career prospects; it will change how you think. This is achieved through the interplay of theory and practice, with learning supported by up-to-date management theory and engagement with industry practitioners. Our course is integrative and interdisciplinary to reflect best practices in the business world. Our modules are connected in meaningful ways, allowing you to cross-pollinate content across the more comprehensive MBA experience. With a digital, agile and entrepreneurial approach, you'll leave prepared to lead the way in a rapidly changing business world.

We believe that successful careers are fuelled by visionary leadership, a profound sense of responsibility, and the ability to create and develop innovative and sustainable opportunities. These principles are fundamental to the Surrey MBA experience, which provides a careful balance between theory and practice in preparation for the realities of the modern business landscape. Our full-time MBA and executive (part-time) MBA courses are highly relevant for anyone looking to develop their career and leadership capability with their current employer, or to broaden their skills and connections to make a transition or start something new. As a result, we are ranked in the top 10 for business and economics in the United Kingdom by the Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2020.

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