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manchester or sheffield

currently in a pickle as to which uni to choose; namely uni of manchester and uni of sheffield so i’m looking at the living environment. am an international student btw

love the history and buildings
big city so i assume there’s more things/more accessible?
arts and culture scene
international community
more known internationally?
not that interested in the nightlife

smaller city w greenery so it’s perhaps more peaceful/ quiet (i’m not the party type)
seems kinda too modern for me
heard it’s v student centered
cheaper (price isn’t really a huge consideration for me but it’s a good to have)

what would you recommend for an introverted individual who appreciates art and history, but also wants imported goods (eg from Japan, Korea, etc) to be accessible? i hope ppl are more friendly too (i’m not a confrontational person). correct me if my assumptions are wrong
Sheffield is a much nicer city, people are friendlier. Manchester is a much more cosmopolitan city and the uni has a higher rating than Sheffield uni.
Hi, I don't know much about Manchester, though I hear its a really nice place. I do however know Sheffield really well, and you're right, we have lots of greenery, and its easy to find those spaces to relax, such as Ecclesall Woods, Western Park, Endcliffe park, Riverlin Valley park, the peak district (which is about a 40 minute bus ride) the botanical gardens (which are absolutely gorgeous and one of my favourite places), the winter gardens and the peace gardens. There are also historical buildings, such as churches, the central library, city and town hall, the crucible and other theatre buildings etc so Sheffield is sort of a mix of old and new. One of my friends loves history, and I know there is a lot of it in Sheffield. There are always plaques to read on walks, telling you the history of the place, and they are very interesting reads!

There are actually a lot of museums and art galleries/shows in Sheffield. There's Western Park Museum (which is an art gallery and right next to University of Sheffield buildings), the Millennium Gallery, there's an annual 'Art in the Gardens' festival in the botanical gardens, there's an art gallery on the top floor of the central library, and there are smaller galleries as well. This can tell you more about that:

It's also really easy to get Japanese/Korean/Chinese goods. There are lots of these shops in Sheffield, particularly on London Road and West street (the uni of buildings are further up on west street) so you should be able to easily find what you need. Sheffield is a very diverse city and it caters for that :smile: And as you said, it very much is a student city so there is plenty to do, with lots of discounts at that.

Also, Sheffield is actually the fourth largest city in England, yet everything feels really close and is accessible, so you have the benefit of it being large and having lots to do and explore, while feeling comfortable in the city, with friendly people that make it feel like a community.

I hope this helps any worries you may have had, and to help you make an informed decision.

- Rosie
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