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Chemistry A level revision to do list

Since im following a few other forums who are doing this I want to do this too,
My first goal is to cover each spec point for the first exam, by making light notes and then quizzing myself,
then repeat for second & third
hopefully when thats done I can spend time doing past paper Q's
I also srsly need to memorise some stuff
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That is a good studying strategy
Okay yesterday I split my paper 1 spec into 6 key points, and then dedicated 1 hr to each point, it went well but there were a few topics i still need to look at, for bio I spent two hrs on past papers.
Today my plan is
Hour 1 - Bio past paper
Hour 2 - Mark + memorise mark scheme for wrong answers
Hour 3- Bio past paper
Hour 4 - Mark + memorise mark scheme for wrong answers
Hour 5- Azo dyes chem revision
Hour 6- Ligands chem revision
Hour 7 - Polymerisation chem revision
Hour 8- Maybe some mechanism questions?

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