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    Hi, I'm trying to write as Sheila Berlin and Eva in An Inspector Calls for a class assignment. Please note that this is prior to reading the play so I have no idea, other than historical information and methodical character information, about what happens. This is before the two characters meet; tell me it's amusing for me to read it to a class, and whether it incorporates the historical and social inference well. It's about the 'Golden Age' during the early 20th century and the contrast between the poor and the rich.


    I was awoken by the glimmer of the midday sun as my servant drew the curtains from side to side. She left my meals on the table beside my bed, as always. Eggs, pork and beans in a porcelain plate were served calmly by her as I requested to eat on bed, as I was, like most days, ill.

    Soon after resting on bed reading Frankenstein; which gave me a shock of horror and an uncontrollable rush of adrenaline, I was able to, with some effort, haul myself up to get myself ready for tonight's theatrical act of The Tempest which I have not watched since Friday!
    After a shower, which lasted around an hour, I was finally ready. My reflection was strikingly ugly as I stared towards my dear mirror. Acne! Dear God. My first resort to such tragedy is Anatheme, my nurse. Why isn't there a solution to acne; why do I have to go through the same painful process again - just to stay alive. I am sick of disgusting puss ejecting from my face, and blood running to my mouth.

    Unfortunately I had to inform my father that I would not be attending tonight's show - he (gladly) accepted my request.
    One more week until the scares fade and I'm, once again, able to exit my darned room.


    Insomniac and deprived of sleep, I elapsed past streets in a steady manner. Until, finally, I could see the black-sooted factory as a silhouette up the steep hill which led there. It was around 4:50 am then; I had to be vigilant, as always. I kept a screw-driver in my apron's middle-pocket for my own protection; in case a twisted male with evil tendencies was lurking around.

    I soon arrived there; nauseated and extremely fatigued, however I dared not let it show, as such attitude would prove profoundly offensive to Mr Berling. Thus, before entering the gates leading to the 'impossible' stair-case, I slapped myself repeatedly until my figure looked stern.

    As always, the black boxes were seen stacked as one entered the first first-door from the stair-case. I sighed - this, added to the helplessness which I felt inside, is going to be an exhausting day. An hour of constant moving was a burden like no other, and one could not afford to pause or breathe as Mr. Berlin's presence is in the sector.
    Our breaks last five minutes every one hour; not to talk, or to eat - but to stretch, ready for the next hour.

    At the end of the day I arrived at home, I didn't know when - but it looked late. My bed, made from straw, was the only object which I had looked forward to seeing.
    I was like everyday void of calm and serene as the drills sounded from the outside, added to the occasional weeping emanating from within the walls.
    I closed my eyes, indulging myself in the fantasy world; where everything was just.
    Get real.
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    Come on, that was pretty good. Someone admit it! I indulged hilarity and serious issues into one topic!

    This is GCSE right? It's pretty good but I think another draft wouldn't hurt :p:
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Updated: November 9, 2008


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