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a level history paper 2 - mao's china

hii does anyone have any resources at all for the 2E History section of Mao's China?? Like notes, flashcards, timelines, essay plans etc. any help is appreciated!!
Tell me some more. If there is a useful case study attached try to read it carefully and make brief summary notes as well. Good luck. Practice makes perfect. Use your handy notes in order to help you to answer the entire exam question properly. Read the full question carefully at least twice.
Focus on your task in question. When writing up your coursework essays of any length or kind, aim for as a minimum four solid quality paragraphs that make up your essay. Pay very close and careful attention to the total number of marks that are given out for the whole question here as well. Good luck.
Number each individual and key section or label each part of your coursework essay in addition for ease of reference and your peace of mind. Or you can always use letters to divide up your essay. Know what to do. Read up on the essay topic at your local library or bookshop additionally on top of that. Find some old formal published research articles etc to use as a type of brain fodder for your essay. Cite or quote from those.

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