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Accommodation help Sheffield uni

Hey everyone, so I’ve firmed uni of sheff and I decided to book Allen court as my accommodation with another girl that I’ve been briefly talking with through WhatsApp and Snapchat. However, there’s a question that has been running around In my head. “Is Allen court the right choice?”. Everyone says endcliffe is the best for sociability but I’m not the type to party relentlessly and be part of the “loud and popular” group (after all, I am a law student).

I don’t really know if this made any sense but I’m hoping someone can help me out because I feel like I only signed up for Allen court because of that girl. I really liked endcliffe because it’s like a little village.
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I mean, the 'right choice' is subjective. Some people prefer being surrounded by other students and having....a bigger bubble (for lack of better words on my side).

And some people prefer being near the heart of the city to be near the shops and be much closer to the university buildings.

If you really like Endcliffe, then didn't you already make a decision at that point? Not sure if you still can, but may be worth asking the uni if you can switch accommodation. And apologies if this is a little blunt, but if you only applied for Allen court for a gal, then isn't that choosing an accommodation for the wrong reasons?

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