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English A level Section B Q4

As The exam for English A level paper 2 is approaching quickly, I am scared to all hell. Paper 2 section B Q4, will the question potentially be on age, social class, or ethnicity, because I do not know anything about them, and looking at past papers I don’t see a single one where we have to write an article about them, so are those topics excluded for Q4 and only for Q1/2?
Yes unfortunately it could be on one of those topics as the discourses q and the article question are on the same topic. For paper 2 they like to cover as many topics as possible so like q1/2 will be lang change and another topic e.g gender and then q3/4 will be articles on technology The topics that have already come up for discourses questions are:
2017 - gender
2018 - PC (I think this falls under lang change technically)
2019 - Accents vs RP
2020 - Technology

They're unlikely to repeat the newest stuff so we could have an discourses q on ethnicity (I don't think that's been tested on any paper 2 even for q1 and 2) or perhaps age and teen language but that was linked to the technology q in 2020
I use seneca to learn theories. Discourses question is no theory just how the writers presents their views about language use the only thing you can use in terms of theory is aitchison's metaphors. For the article most of the marks come from theory! and being able to analyse/evaluate in terms of language usage and the question
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Thank you, your words have really helped me

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