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'Popular hot' girl falling in love with me - BUT I'M GAY! watch


    What's with all these 'give it a go' suggestions anyway. If you were a guy and a gay guy fancied you, would you give it a go 'for teh lulz'?
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    (Original post by Ghost)
    Saying someone is attractive != saying you're attracted to them.

    Even if you're straight, it is possible to tell if someone of the same sex is attractive. Obviously most men wouldn't admit that, but it's true.
    Compare two of your mates, base them just upon looks, and decide which one would be more likely to get a girl. You'll be able to tell which one is better looking. Doesn't mean you're attracted to them.
    Exactly! I'm gay and can still recognise which girls are attractive and which aren't. I'm not in any way sexually attracted to them though. They are very different things.

    (Original post by Anonymous)
    Keep Anon or delete.

    Basically this girl had 'loved' me since 2 years, I've been getting winks and things from her ever since. I must admit, she's one of the most attractive girls that I've ever seen; although she stalks me (and gets her mates to, at times) sometimes.
    I don't know what to do, she has confessed it and she talked dirty to me and everything but I really am Gay, I'm not out of the closet, and I'm not willing to exit the closet in a homophobic, Asian school! She told me to have 'sex' with her at dinner tomorrow because we're now, out of nowhere, 'engaged'!

    Should I ignore her? What should I say?
    I wish the guy I'm in love with did the same.
    Ouch... Hm she sounds a bit pushy but that doesn't really give you the right to hurt her.

    Just be like 'I'm not interested' and move on- don't lead her on- thats cruel
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