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Best Cambridge college for Double Beds?

I am 28 and a wide 6'7", and my girlfriend in London will be visiting every now and then (but I will be visiting her much more often). I am eager to live on campus for all of the social immersion, as I will only be in Cambridge for a year for my MPhil. I want to be part of an older and prettier college, and I care a lot about other factors, but honestly, they are all so nice and it seems so rare to find a double bed and lenient guest policies (Corpus Christi seems strict af), so that's really all I am looking for. From what I have gathered, it seems Downing is my best bet. What other colleges have a large number of on-site (or off-site) rooms with double-sized beds? If I get pooled to a college without any, then I will probably just try and find private accommodation, but I am worried about the distance this will create. Any suggestions?

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