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OCR A Level Sociology H580/02 - 7 June 2022 [Exam Chat]


How did the exam go for you?

OCR A Level Sociology Researching and understanding social inequalities H580/02 - 7 Jun 2022 [Exam Chat]

Here is the exam discussion for this exam. Talk anything from how to revise for it, specific questions or time management :ahee:

Date/Time: Tuesday 7th June PM
Length: 2h15

:goodluck: with revision and exams :work:
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dont feel good for research methods
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with the 25 marker for research methods we learnt a new method of answering the question, - 2 points for the advantage of the methods- 2 points for disadvantage of the methods- 1 point alternative methodif the question is on longitudinal studies you can make 2 pros and cons and have your alternate be something on mixed methods or some other form of studyhowever we are also able to extract other research methods, if the source is in quantitative we can make that one of our pro and con points as long as we link it to longitudinal if it is the question (maybe something like quantitative data is best for longitudinal studies as the results are easily accessible and concise, maybe throw in some sociological terms i can't think of any atm) that then makes your structure:1 pro for longitudinal1 pro for quantitative1 con for longitudinal1 con for quantative1 alternative (mixed methods) it sounds daunting but im also pretty stressed about it but we should be fine,i hope this helps and didnt confuse you more...
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Anyone got any info about the disadvantages or advantages of social policies?
how did u guys do?
what questions did u get?
Original post by Sana.a112
what questions did u get?

Using Source A, explain how young people use digital forms of communication to become empowered in society [9]
Using Source B, assess the view of how a global village can have negative effects on society [10]
Assess the view that digital forms of communication have positive effects on the elderly [16]
in what ways are self-reports useful to measure crime[10]
outline and evaluate the view that traditional forms of socialisation is the reason why men offend [20]
assess the sociological theories that the law discriminates against the working class [40]

These questions !!
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what were the sources

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