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    (Original post by ExDeusVenitBritannia)
    You're a nice fella. She seems too insecure to cope with someone as emotionally sure of themselves as you are. She has taken advantage of you and you, being generous and kind, let it happen. Don't make the same mistake again. By sleeping with someone else she has ended it between you two. Before then things could have potentially been salvaged somehow, but she proved that she isn't clever enough to see how much of a good thing you are. You can't condone her ignorance, because by association you'd be saying it wasn't obvious just how nice you are compared to her using former partner.

    In short, she deserves to be ignored, and she's brought it on herself. It will be hard, but you will find someone else, who won't mess you around.

    Good luck

    Sorry for bringing this up so late, I hadn't read the responses.

    To be fair, there is a large physical distance problem between us. But at one point (a few weeks ago) she said "distance wouldn't matter if we clicked", but today, she said we can't be together again, ever.

    I don't know what to do here. I've been getting mixed signals since forever and I've felt like crap all day today. Today was probably the worst, I ended up feeling really hurt in the end. I am very clingy when it comes to her, every little glimmer of hope gets me all hopeful and trying for her again. Which isn't fair to her.

    I just am not sure what to do anymore. She constantly blames me for not moving on, which isn't true. In the year that we didn't talk, I hardly ever thought of her. I was doing so good that I even forgot about her birthday until it had passed. But then she blames me for completely leaving her life, for not being there when she really needed me (while she had a boyfriend). How is that fair? Truth is, I never got any of her emails. And when she did find me at a forum, I did respond to her and I was there for her.

    But I deal with things by burying them and she resurfaced them by coming back into my life again. Where is my fault in this? I've no idea how I can simply move on and not feel a thing about her. I wish I did. I know I'm not perfect in this situation, I've done my share of mistakes.

    I do want to move on again, I really do. And I've done it before. I just don't understand why its still so hard after 2.5 years. Its almost like its the first time.

    I'm really sorry if this thread seems like going in circles or if my posts are too long. I just need help.

    Any advice on how to simply forget and move on?
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