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psychology AQA a level - how to answer 'discuss research into...'

I have been studying for my A level and have realised that I may have been answering 'discuss research into' questions wrong. When i answer these questions i always think that i need to outline a specific study, and then critique the study. For instance 'discuss research into plasticity of the brain and functional recovery', I feel like I need to say 'One research study is Maguire who did.... One weakness of this study is that....'.

When I see other people write this essay, I see that they write about the concept of plasticity and functional recovery itself, like: what it is, mechanisms of functional recovery etc, and then critique the concept itself. Is that correct?

basically it comes down to this. When a questions describes 'research' is it referring to specific studies in the question, or just the overall theory itself?

any response would be amazing
Make some brief summary notes. Focus on the most important and relevant theories. Cite research studies as well as a key part of your entire coursework essay written up on the topic in question. Summarise some old online or printed research or internet or printed out reference articles too as a main source of fodder. Mention both.

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