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Doing an all nighter (kinda)

Plan A:
Stay up till 02:30, sleep till 4am (1hr 30mins), revise till 6am, then sleep till 11(ish) am


Plan B
Revise till 0430/0500 then sleep till11ish

They both sound feasible tbh, although for Plan A, idk if i'll have the willpower to actually get up, and for Plan B, idk if i'll have the energy to revise till 5am

We'll see
Good luck.
Why don't you sleep at 2:30 and get up at 9am then study till 11am?
Plan B would be better for you sleep wise because you get more hours of consecutive sleep. Using the pomodoro method is helpful for being able to work for longer. Good luck! But also remember that quality sleep is really important for exams so it's better to get at least 7-8 hours of quality sleep if you know your revision isn't going to be very helpful at such late hours (although I do appreciate that some people, like myself, just work better at night).

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