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For those of you who self studied GCSE's by yourself, how?

Basically, next year I want to resit the 5 core GCSEs subjects, I'm planning to start self studying now but I have no idea as to how to do so. Any idea on how to begin?
Hi I’m a second year medical student and I can tuition you for those subjects if you like :smile:
You can self-study using textbook material, or if you want you can fork out for a self-study course. It depends which subjects you're doing (when you say core, you mean Maths and English Lang presumably, but which other ones do you mean? Maths & English are the only true core subjects - others are labelled "core" by schools on a subjective level, but they aren't really.)

If you're sitting English Language as a private candidate you'll want to take IGCSE instead of GCSE, as taking GCSE there is a speaking element which is hard to accommodate in a private exam centre.

I'm going to assume you mean the sciences as well. Again, for sciences, take IGCSEs rather than GCSEs if you're sitting the exams privately, as GCSEs have the practicals.

Maths you're fine to study either GCSE or IGCSE. It's personal preference.

It's completely possible just to get a combination of the textbooks and past papers, and teach yourself it all without it costing too much. If you did want more structured courses, Absorb Online Learning does self-study courses which are fairly comprehensive, although I personally think the textbooks to accompany the course material always helps.
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