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Should I apply for Cambridge?

Good evening guys!!
Kinda having a little bit of a mid-teen crisis haha; I’m debating whether it’s worth applying to study computer science at Cambridge? I currently do maths physics and computer science (and I do AS further maths content outside of school) and am doing pretty okay in them (so far! Got mocks soon which is pretty nerve racking but trying to keep calm). I’ve been researching it for a while and have written my personal statement and done some supercurriculars (but tbh I just enjoy doing loads of different computer science related things so didn’t even realised those kind of stuff are good for PS) but most likely I will be rejected (loads of really talented people do and there’s no shame in that) , but with a history of mental health difficulties I’m not sure how I would take it. Anyway , I’d be very greatful if you guys could give me some advice!!! I was thinking if I do apply, going for kings (Alan Turing my computer science icon!!) or Lucy cavendish (I’m going to the open day so hopefully I’ll see if it feels okay)
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Had the exact same crisis. I also applied to computer science. I applied to Cambridge, Edinburgh, Imperial, UCL and Kings... rejected from all of them except King's :smile: Honestly, judging from what you have written about yourself, you definitely show passion for CS and I think that will at least get you an interview at Cambridge. Just make sure that Personal Statement is immaculate. I didn't even get an interview haha! But it's okay because I don't think I could handle the pressure either. I have a friend whose older sibling went to Oxford but then she dropped out because she didn't like the vibe there and went to a different, 'less prestigious' university and enjoyed it a lot more. She's a highly-positioned/paid actuary now. So tbh the prestige only grants you fast access to the industry/field you're trying to get into but it really depends on how good you are. As for your question: I say definitely just go for it. At least you can say you tried. You'll never look back on your life and wonder what could have happened if you applied to Cambridge. Also, KCL rules. totally biased now. just need the grades :wink: A very diverse uni too. Good luck for your future endeavours :smile:
By all means, if you're passionate enough and on track to get the necessary grades for the course, go for it.

However, you mention a history of mental health difficulties. As you may know, Cambridge is a pretty intense bubble and you need to be able to keep up with the workload and studying. So I'd think very carefully about how your mental wellbeing is at the moment and how it may be under that kind of pressure. Your health is the most important thing, above a prestigious university. If you find yourself pretty stressed just with your current qualifications, for example, this may be something to make note of.

You also need to do well in your interview(s)/entrance examination(s). They are looking for someone who can cope with the tutorial learning style. So even if you don't get in, it's not necessarily that you weren't good enough, you may just not be suited to that particular learning environment.

P.S. I have a friend at King's, she loves it.

Good luck!

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