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I feel sick omg. This surely is some sort of abuse wtf

I had a summer fling for 3 months. We got on really well but I realised some traits that I didn’t like but I didn’t cut him off coz I was bound to leave anyways. Rn he’s calling me non stop guys, I wasn’t able to use my phone for 15mins straight and he is still calling. What really is this behaviour!!!?? I never knew I could feel this sick because of someone behaviour but i genuinely do. I literally feel like my phone is glitching because the calls are just going on and on and on and onnnnn. AHH

This is not normal
Can you block his number? That behaviour is not normal or ok!
So just block the number...
What he is doing is not normal.
He is making a nuisance of himself and is most likely to be considered guilty of harassing you if he continues to do so.

Switch to a new payg phone number for 10-15 weeks and switch your current phone off or divert all calls to voicemail.
Send all his emails to spam, block him on social media and switch all your profiles to private.
If he calls again or attempts to force contact with you in any way report him to the police.
They will get in touch with him and warn him not to contact you again unless he wants to receive a harassment warning or risk being arrested. With a very strong possibility of ending up with a criminal record unless he ceases contacting you.
Good luck!

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