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Comparing humanistic and behaviourist approach [16 marker

How can I answer this thus far I have done.

The humanistic approach (HA) is a psychological perspective that emphasises looking at individual's as a whole, considering their full potential and that they have free-will. Free-will is said to be affected by external factors but also that the individual are active agents who can determine their own development. The Maslow's hierarchy of needs is a five levelled hierarchal sequence in which basic psychological needs (such as hunger) must be satisfied before higher psychological needs (such as self-esteem and self-actualisation). The main goal of this hierarchy is to achieve self-actualisation.

In contrast, the behaviour approach (BA) is a way of explaining learning behaviour in terms of what is observable. There are 3 main assumptions one is that all behaviour is learnt. Another is that animal and humans learn the same way. Lastly, the mind is irrelevant because we cant directly observe what a person is thinking. There are two forms of learning classical conditioning which is learning through association and operant conditioning that is learning through consequences: positive reinforcement (rewarding desired behaviour), negative reinforcement (avoiding something unpleasant) and punishment

A03 must have 4 peel paragraphs
I haven't done but I assume

BA reductionist peel
HA - not reductionist but the link compare.

BA - nomothetic
HA - idiographic

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