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Paper 2 2022 7th June

What do you guys think

I found the paper hard especially the synoptic question on increasing life expectancy affecting childhood. I spoke about child centered society. The idea of increasing quality over quantity and increased health care with historical differences (which was kind of unrelated).

I didn’t revise the sects question about why social change led to the growth of sects so, I spoke about disenchantment and rationalisation, because people are becoming more aware of social problems and are changing attitudes.

And for the 20 marker on family they asked us the Marxist explanation of the role of family I did 2 paragraphs on Marxist ( primary socialisation and unit of consumption) and the rest was evaluation using functional fit theory Func and something else.

For the beliefs 20 marker they asked us to evaluate problems sociologist face when defining meanings of religious practice and belief. I spoke about the two definitions I could remember and then I spoke about spiritual shoppers and religion online. For that question I didn’t do a paragraph on the positives of defining religion as I couldn’t think of an idea.
It went horribly for me. The twenty markers were rushed with no evaluative points and the 10 markers I had no clue.

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