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University students 'far lonelier than other adults', study has shown

One in four students are have described themselves as lonely most or all of the time, according to this article in the BBC based on recent research.

Students have described feeling isolated, including if they are not living in student accommodation, and a total of 59% mentioning they were lonely at least once a week.

Some unis seem to have dealt with this well, with others telling students it was normal.

What has your experience of loneliness at university been like?

If you have been lonely, did it affect your studies at all?

What tips would you give someone struggling with loneliness at university?

I would say that it is completely natural for every student to feel lonely at some point during their university days, especially during those times of year with increased workload and deadlines. It can be hard to move away from home and try to fit into a new place, and can often feel very overwhelming. However, Swansea University does everything that they can to minimise loneliness and to ensure that all students do have the time of their lives whilst they are at uni.

One of the key things about Swansea is its excellent wellbeing support. They genuinely care about us as students and try to do all that they can to help those who are struggling, for example with offering counselling services and wellbeing events all year round, as well as with Study Aid during exam periods. In addition to this wellbeing support, Swansea is such a welcoming place, with a very friendly community feel amongst staff and students alike. You get assigned a personal academic mentor who stays with you throughout your degree to support you and meets with you on a termly basis (at least) to check in. All the lecturers are also really lovely, and are always receptive to questions and helping students out. The requirement of students to scan their student cards to monitor lecture attendance ensures that nobody 'slips through the cracks.' If students don't scan in, members of the university staff will check in with them to ensure that everything is okay and that they are not isolating themselves.

The other way to combat loneliness is through making friends. We have written some forum posts on 'Making Friends and Finding New Experiences' and 'Leaving Home for the First Time' which I would definitely recommend checking out! These posts talk about things like joining societies, inclusive socials (such as for those who don't want to drink alcohol), making the most of a new city and its surroundings and the wellbeing support offered by Swansea. You can also make friends with those you live with in halls, and if you live off campus or commute from home whilst studying, you can still access all of the societies etc. to stop you feeling lonely and to ensure that you make friends. Many of my friends commute from home, and they still feel as if they are getting an amazing univeristy experience at Swansea.

Let us know if you have any more questions.

Hope Henry - Swansea Student Ambassador and Second Year Graduate Entry Medicine Student.

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