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Having my first resit in 3rd year

I’m 3 years into my 4 year integrated masters degree in Pharmacy and just found out I have to resit an essay and I’m terrified. It’s an essay reflecting on my placements over the past year so it’s not like I can study more or really prepare for it in any way. It’s also definitely not my writing skills because I submitted a lab report 2 days prior that got an A and I’m always praised by my assessors on my writing. Does anyone have any advice? This is the first assessment I’ve ever failed and I’m freaking out a little bit. I’m worried my dreams of being a pharmacist will be crushed by this one essay.
Start off by working out why you failed the report....hopefully the following will help address that!

Start by gathering together the factual and descriptive data relating to your placements - dates, places, companies, your role & duties, photos, diagrams, etc.

Create a document with separate section for each placement and insert the above into an "introduction" section.

Revisit the placement module paperwork and look at the assessment criteria - this should give you some headings / themes to work off. Is there a min/max word count, are there specific requirements?

Reflection = the opportunity for you to say what you learned and how this will impact on you going forward.

Use the same shape/structure/headings for each placement - start with bullet points then expand into proper prose.

Write an overall introduction and conclusion.
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