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a level choices

can someone give me some advice on my a level choices please
i'm more interested in the business fields, at the moment marketing. but when i saw the a levels required, nothing was really necessary aside from maths so i put my choices down as maths, bio and chem. but after hearing loads of people complain (and cry) from taking bio, i'm having second thoughts lol. i chose those subjects to keep my options open but i feel like theyre more towards the medical field which isn't really what i want to do.
in my school, they don't offer business for a levels but they do have economics as an option. would it be more beneficial to switch to maths, latin and economics (and possibly further maths) or just stick to what i've taken?
plus i dont really know what economics is. is it just graphs lol or is it more info based
Economics from what I have heard is a more "essay-based" business studies, my friend who studies is does micro and macro economics. I personally take Further Maths, Maths, Computer Science, and Geography. The double maths combo is a lot of work but I have really enjoyed it. I think the choice is completely down to whether you want the STEM path of maths, bio, and chem, which is a good trio, although you could consider physics over bio if that is your thing. Physics from what I have heard works well with maths too. Whereas maths, latin, and economics is a completely different spectrum, so it is down to whether you want to do economics or a science path. If I can help any further tell me :smile:.

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