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    I'v just started my first year of Uni at quite a good University studying English Language and Linguistics.
    I'm starting to feel this course really isn't for me, I'm not enjoying it and finding some aspects of the course quite difficult.
    I have no idea what to do, I've never known what i really wanted to do i just knew i would love to go to uni because i like to learn and i think it's a great life experience. Now that i have got here it feels awful and not for me.
    I dont know what to do, i can't speak to my parents about it since they're funding me out of their own pockets for some things and it feels like I'm wasting their money.
    I keep thinking if i just get this degree i could do an interesting job but I'm scared i wont end up with a very good degree at the end of it.
    I'm more of a creative person and am now wishing i had went to uni to study photography somewhere, my mum said she would have been fine me studying that even though I'v heard the likely hood of a job isn't so great, or at least a well related job.
    I think the peer pressure and teacher pressure at school made me feel i had to do something acadmic at one of the good uni's and i just feel like im regretting it now.
    On top of the course things i havnt made many friends so far and my housemates (3 of them) are very anti-social which just seems to be making everything harder. people say uni is supposed to be the time of your life and im not having the time of mine. this just seems to be a very expensive mistake.

    I dont think i should drop out now, maybe just see how the year goes.
    What are other peoples views? has anyone been in the same situation?
    and what did you do about it?

    thanks for any help, and sorry if this is a dead end conversation i keep telling myself just to get on with it. i would just like other peoples views thanks.

    damn i'm doin that next year.

    I think you should stick with it for a while. And try and find some friends elsewhere if you're room mates are that bad.
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    aw sorry...it's not that bad! i just don't think it's for me. where you going to do it?
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