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Lost the one person I was close to, how long to leave it before trying to get back? watch

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    Anon please

    Basically me and boyfriend split up a week ago now. He was the one person in my life who I trusted totally and let myself go in front of. He is the only person I thought cared about me, and the only thing that made me happy, as every other aspect of my life is just down the drain at the moment.

    It was his decision. He said he still has feelings for me but the original ones have faded and he's not sure anymore. We said we will talk about us again after some time apart, when he could be without me for a bit. We initally said a month, however now that ive thought about it, I dont know it seems too long. I know im bound to say that, but I dont mind waiting as long as when we do talk it's a nice amount of time that he has had to think about things. A month is a long time really, and I cant help but think that things could change in the middle of that time and then when it comes to talking about things, we've missed that chance.

    I dunno really, it's been a week now. Not sure how long to leave it yet. I want to give him time and space for the moment, but not enough to miss a chance we had.

    What do you say? I want a decent amount of time which is when people start to realise their true feelings for you, whether there be none, or a lot.

    So I guess you could say we are on a sort of break for now until we find out what's really happening when we talk again. Whenever that is.

    I'd leave it a month, maybe longer. Its difficult to know really cos it varies on the people involved. When I lost my then best friend last year I left it about 3 months until I tried contacting her again. She still didn't want to know me. I'd leave it a fair while cos a week doesn't seem long enough to me. Prepare yourself in case you do contact him at some point and there's a negative reaction.
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    When a similar thing happened with my best friend, I tried getting in touch with them pretty regularly. And nearly 2 years later, they still arent talking to me. I hope it goes better for you, but I'd suggest at least a few weeks.
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