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About to listen to this now! West of Loathing is a very good shout, love the humour and the music in that game. But my pick for this week's theme is the intro song for Edna & Harvey: Harvey's New Eyes. Very dark comedy lyrics, it fits the game to a T. :biggrin:

And since the game's first language is German, here's the original for comparison. @Kallisto, I'm curious to know which version you prefer!

Goat Simulator - Main Theme: I've played this one, absolutely ridiculous, but great fun. And a jolly intro to this playlist!

Untitled Goose Game - Preludes, Book 1, L.117: Nice Claude Debussy track. Haven't played the game, but again, looks amusing.

The Stanley Parable - Exploring Stanley: Possibly the most bizarre 'game' I've ever played(? Experienced?) Mysterious track, I like it.

Borderlands 2 - Ice: Is Borderlands comedic? Genuine question, I know little about it, but it looks serious. Track is very serious!

Surgeon Simulator - Brain Storm (Ambulance): Blast from the past! Never played it myself, but it made for great YouTuber content.

Octodad: Dadliest Catch - Wedding Bells: Watched a bit of this years ago on YouTube as well! Relaxing track.

Undertale - Bring it in, Guys: This was huge for a while, though I didn't check it out myself. Decent retro-style RPG music.

Psychonauts - Title and End Credits: Have played this, but decided it wasn't for me. Top quality, dramatic credit track, though.

Katamari Damacy - Roll Me In: I like it, but come on, how could you NOT pick 'Katamari on the Rocks' from this game!

Portal 2 - 15 Acres of Broken Glass: I've only played the original. Dark and moody ambient music - this game isn't all laughs! Short, too.

Conker's Bad Fur Day - Batula's Theme: Missed this one as I never owned a (non-handheld) console. Vampire-like spooky parody tune.

West of Loathing - A Cave is a Sideways Hole: Love this track, but this is my first time learning what it was called - they're not wrong!

Accounting+ - You Did Accounting: Another one I recognise from YouTube - I do enjoy people messing about in comedy games!

Trover Saves the Universe - Eating Swedish Candy on a Bus: Never heard of this, but it looks great! Love the strings in this tune.

The Secret of Monkey Island - Main Theme: Superb choice to end the playlist. I REALLY need to get around to this game myself.

Very good playlist, much more varied than I was expecting, but not all comedy games feature goofy clown music I guess! :p:

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