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Review The Boys: When Superheroes Are Villains!

Seasons 1 and 2 of The Boys are out on Amazon Prime, but you would be missing out if you didn't watch Season 1 of the series. Let's return to Season 1 to see why this series resonates in the already saturated superhero movie scene!
The story in The Boys begins with the death of Robin, Hughie's girlfriend was killed by the A-Train superhero while standing close to the curb, Hughie didn't even know until he found himself holding his hand. the girlfriend's "remaining" hands. Hughie felt very hatred and could not overcome the pain until Billy Butcher invited him to join a plan to expose the superheroes that are having a great influence on America. Joining the group with Butcher is French gun dealer Frenchie and muscular former FBI agent M.M (Mother's Milk).
The turning point occurred when the group captured Translucent, a member of The Seven - the most powerful superhero group in America today led by Homelander. Hughie is in a relationship with Starlight, the new female member of The Seven was added to replace Translucent, making the story of the film even more confusing and complicated.
The reverse side of heroes praised by the world

The biggest highlight of The Boys is the superhero spins that are shown very clearly. Superheroes who kill people, superheroes who preach according to the Bible honoring traditional values, hang out with gay people, superheroes lure new soldiers into sexual service… Even the Seven group, just need At first glance, it can be seen that the film is parodying the members of the Justice League. The most obvious are Homelander and Queen Maeve, two other versions of Superman and Wonder Woman.

7 members of The Seven.

The Boys is the answer to the long-standing question of many superhero fans, what if superheroes were actually just perverts and operating for self-interest? The way The Boys exploit this aspect is very unique and excellent, no movie up to now can do. All superheroes in the United States are operating under the Vought company and through it, we will see superheroes doing everything to achieve a single goal: profit and increase coverage. corporate communications.

A Train after hitting Hughies' girlfriend.

From basic moral aspects of a person to politics, defense, security and terrorism are all dissected in The Boys. Everything that started out just from Robin's death has developed in many unexpected directions. The drama's script brings many unexpected turns until the last episode, a twist that could not be more shocking. It all boils down to simply lies stacked with lies in order to gain money and fame.
Interesting, multi-dimensional character personality
The members of The Boys and The Seven groups each have their own personality and are depicted very clearly to attract viewers' attention. The first is the four main characters.
Hughie is gentle and honest, but later on, he gets older because he is taught by the brothers in the group to the right place. He can both gossip, blackmail and even murder (the situation has to be killed).

M.M and Frenchie clash.

Billy Butcher is exactly a brute, careless young man, ready to give his brothers good work to achieve his goals and look at life with sunglasses that can't be darker. Every sentence, every word Butcher uttered was full of hatred and sarcasm for those around him. Of course, why Butcher hates superheroes and turns into a hateful human is for a reason, a mystery waiting for viewers to discover in the final episodes of the first season.

Eat sugar with your nose - Frenchie.

And the couple M.M and Frenchie is the best comedian in the movie. M.M was originally suffering from OCD, so he had to follow the rules in everything he did, and Frenchie was a boss who followed his emotions. So when the two of them go together, it's like a dog and a cat preparing to kill each other. However, they lived a very emotional life and lifted Frenchie's spirit after being insulted by Butcher.
As for the members of The Seven, most of them are a collection of a bunch of gangsters, living only on their own fame, depraved mind.
A-Train (Flash in some universe), the fastest superhero on the planet is addicted to drugs in order to achieve achievements.
Translucent (Male version of a certain quartet of the M family), a special stealth ability used to peek into the women's restroom.
The Deep (Aquaman weak version), is almost useless in the group because the mind only thinks about saving dolphins locked in the zoo and when they land, they are considered waste.

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