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How does Orwell use language to make this moving for the reader- animal farm

I have my English test next week and we have to write an essay about animal farm and the examiners will give a piece of text that’s in the story and then a question they want to answer - sorry it’s very long

Question: how does Orwell use language to make this moving for the reader?

Orwell uses similes, emotional language, and visual imagery to make the reader feel pity and sorrow for the animals.
Orwell uses a simile in the phrase “all the animals worked like slaves” . Orwell uses the simile “like slaves” to make the reader feel bad for them , as they are just being abused mistreated and used. This makes you feel pity for them as the animals work hard all day every day but don’t get any thing in return. The word “slaves” makes you feel sorry for the animals, and mad at napoleon as the animals were treated like that when jones ran the farm.
Orwell uses visual imagery when Boxer is hurt - “thin stream of blood trickling from his mouth”. This makes the reader upset as boxer must be in a lot of pain. As well as the blood Boxers eyes are ‘glazed’ and he was ‘matted with sweat’ showing that Boxer is exhausted and also implies how old Boxer actually is.
Orwell uses emotional language in the sentence “at such times Boxers lips were seen to form the words ‘I will work harder’ . This makes you feel sorrow as even though Boxer was overworking and in pain he never gave up and he always tried to stay positive all the time. It also makes you feel bad as he has never stopped working but has never once complained about how laborious his life had been.
The phrase “it seemed like nothing kept boxer on his feat except the will to continue” shows that all the labour is now slowly starting to break him and also shows how determined Boxer is to put his heart and sole into all the work he does.

In conclusion Boxers poor health and pain along with the mistreatment and abuse of the animals makes the text painful for the reader giving a sense of sorrow and pity.
Put some context in. Animal Farm was an allegory for the Russian Revolution. That is why Orwell wrote it. You'll boost your marks massively that way.

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