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Edexcel A Level Physics question

I’m currently doing my GCSEs and I have a few questions about Edexcel A Level Physics:

1) The 12 required practicals - are they going to be assessed in the paper? How does it get assessed as a separate result? I’m imagining how its like the spoken language for English where your teacher watches you do it and then give u a grade/level for it.. is it like that?

2) I saw on the AQA specification that the 3rd paper includes an extra topic that u choose e.g medical physics. Is this how it is for Edexcel?

3) How many equations are there and do you have to memorise them?

I tried searching this all up but couldn’t find any answers. Thanks in advance to those who reply!
As for your questions,
1) The 12 practicals are assessed in an exam and non-exam environment. In the exam( this will be paper 3 of 3), you will tested on the general skills developed when carrying out and writing-up (e.g. combining uncertainties in measurement gradients, or suggesting how changes to the independent variable will affect the dependent variable ), not necessarily specific to the compulsory practicals.
It will be required to carry out these experiments during lessons, obtaining results, to plot graphs of results, and find the gradient, which will represent a physical quantity. You'll have to explain potential causes of errors that could have lead to you having a result that is slightly different to that of the accepted value, for example. These will be separately marked by teachers, and you will have to consistently demonstrate key skills(which will be listed) throughout each experiment to pass(it is difficult to fail).

2) Paper 3 for physics includes an optional module, which include astrophysics, medical physics, engineering physics, turning points in physics and electronics(for AQA at least), which the school may or may not have chosen in advance. As for me, the most popular choice by students was the astrophysics option, so we were taught that.

3) There are a few more formulae for A-level than for GCSE, but the majority you won't have to remember, although as you do more questions with the formulae, you'll be able to remember the majority of them Here is the list of the given formulae and constants for AQA:

Hope that helps a bit - its worth asking a teacher for more specific information
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1) Yes they are assessed in the 3rd paper, and this mark is part of your final grade. there is also this thing called a practical endorsement which is a pass fail(to my knowledge) and is shown separately.
2) Not sure about this one sry
3) There are quite a few equations but quite a few of them are provided to you in adata sheet (less than aqa though) as well as key values

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