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Picked wrong version of text for a level drama exam?

For my edexcel a level drama exam, there are two versions of my text (Woyzeck). One normal and one download edition, no clue why. i thought the download version meant it was an online version so i picked the normal version. the one i picked was only Scene 7 and the one i was supposed to do was Scene 4-6 (or something like that) which we got given in our advance information. i forgot about the advance information as my timings were slightly off and i had a bit less time for this question so i had no time to think about anything. would i get penalised majorly for picking the wrong version of the text? i still completed everything from the criteria so they’d have to mark me based on that, wouldn’t they? i have to use quotations so of course the quotations will be different from what they’re supposed to be but still, that wouldn’t render my essay completely worthless, right?

the drama written paper is marked quite leniently and i did very well on the other questions, plus i have my coursework and two performances (which are all A grades) to back me up so i’m not like massively beating myself up about this but i’m still curious.

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