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A View from the Bridge

So this is my critical essay.The task is conflict and l haven't finnish my conclusion and rate it from 0 to 10

The play "A View From the Bridge” written by Arthur Miller is a modern tragedy. The main character, Eddie experiences conflict within his family and the Red hook community. The themes of justice, jealousy and toxic masculinity are also effectively explored throughout the play. The play centers on a tragic hero Eddie Carbone, who is driven by his fatal flaw of jealousy, has a toxic attraction towards his niece Catherine. When his wife's cousins Marco and Rodolfo seek refuge as illegal immigrants from Sicily, Conflict is first experienced when Catharine begins to be attracted towards Rodolfo, Eddie's jealousy accumulates betraying his community and his family leading to his death. This play is fascinating as the stage directions makes the reader reflect on the character’s internal emotions.

The conflict is first introduced in the beginning of the play when Eddie arrives home, and Catherine breaks the news that she has been offered a job. As Marco and Rodolfo are illegal immigrants, Eddie reminds Beatrice and Catherine not to mention them outside the house. To emphasise the danger, Eddie tells the story of Vinny Bolzano the boy who reported his own uncle to the Immigration Bureau- listening to the consequences of disloyalty. Eddie's comment of “What’s the high heels for Garbo?’ Embarrassed now, angered, Catherine goes out into the bedroom…. Beatrice…gives Eddie a cold look". The actress Garbo symbolizes a sexual icon which implies that he had sexual feelings for Catherine which slowly begin to emerge. The emotive word choice of "angered" and "embarrassed "shows Catherine’s is awkward through his comment. Beatrice’s reaction of 'cold look 'makes it clear that his obsession with Catherine is existent and has been for a long time. High heels is symbolism of rebellion. This develops conflict as Eddie describes Catharine as “the Madonna type” Madonna is the Virgin Mary. She is seen as a person of purity who Eddie expects high expectations towards Catharine. Eddie begins to recounter the Vinny Bolzano story "three flights his head was bouncin' like a coconut. And they spit on him in the street, his own father.” The simile of "coconut" suggests he received inhuman treatment. Eddie uses this to teach Catherine about the significance of loyalty as the immigrates are about to arrive.

Conflict intensifies as Catherine and Rodolfo’s relationship develops. This is apparent when they return from a date and Eddie challenges Rodolfo to box with him. The tension escalates as Eddie challenges Rodolfo to a boxing lesson, but though Eddie uses this to teach Rodolfo it is an excuse to punish him, Rodolfo tries to be optimistic about it. Marco is aware of this so he challenges Eddie to a boxing lesson. Marco shows his strength to Eddie by lifting a chair using one hand, humiliating Eddie in his own house. "Marco is face to face with Eddie, a strained tension gripping his eyes and jaw, his neck stiff, the chair raised like a weapon over Eddie’s head-he transforms a glare of warning into a smile of triumph, and Eddie’s grin vanishes." Using simile "like a weapon" which foreshadows Eddie's tragic fate. The phrase “glare of warning” to clarify that Marco portrays himself as a rival to Eddie which foreshadows the difficulties in the future. Also, the use of the word “triumph” is important because he has been able to embarrass Eddie as he is apparently the man of the house. "The weapon" is used to show that Marco is a new enemy of Eddie. This develops conflict as Eddie challenges Rodolfo to highlight his dominance and belittle him.

The conflict reaches a climax when Eddie reports the cousins to immigration. This leads to the tragic denouement of the play. After reporting the immigrants to the Immigration Bureau Eddie instantly regrets it, but it is too late - two officers arrive. As the officers lead Marco, Rodolfo and the two other immigrants away, Catherine pleads with the officers to spare Rodolfo and Marco spits in Eddie's face. Eddie shouts out that he will kill Marco; Marco responds that Eddie has stolen food from his children. Eddie protests that he is innocent, but all the neighbors turn away from him. The honour of Eddie is now at stake. From the stage direction "The phone box began to glow on the opposite side of the stage, a faint lonely blue. EDDIE stands up, jaws clenched". The colour blue has connotations of loneliness and seclusion which reveals how Eddie can't cope with his emotions towards Catherine. "phone box glows brighter" which shows his determination to report the cousins to the immigration office which is driven by his feelings for Catharine.

Conflict is perpetrated as this will inevitably disregard the Redhook neighborhood as they believe faithfulness is crucial. Throughout the play "A view from the Bridge” Miller is successful in exploring the theme of justice. The way Eddie has an unhealthy relationship towards Catherine and Catharine turning against him is an effective way of looking at this Eddie experiences conflict between the immigrant community and the family and betrays the cousins which he would have never done from the Vinny Bolzano story which reflects that his fatal flaw of jealousy has failed him. Overall, I enjoyed the play and it make me understand the toxic masculinity experienced during the 1950s.
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