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How can I move to a better paying industry?

I currently work in publishing as a Key Account Exec. It’s well known that the publishing industry pays peanuts and relies on the passion of its employees, but while I do absolutely love my job, I’m worried about my financial situation with the cost of living crisis.

Would it be at all possible to move into a better paying industry like tech or finance with this experience? Or can anyone suggest any other better paying industries or good career moves to consider?
Pool your sources of information and resources. Check around online and see if your local newspaper has a dedicated career opportunity section as well. Ask both your friends and family members. Budget wisely too and make some brief summary notes. Create a LinkedIn profile and monitor it periodically for interesting industry news, updates and alerts. Good luck. I’m sure that you can find something appropriate fairly soon. Focus on your own skills and personal qualities.
For the very best optimal results overall you can mix things up on your resume etc however remain totally honest and committed to your search. Try the NCS- national career advice service website for starters. Lots of handy skilled trustworthy advisors and useful career information plus a very helpful set of recommended career quizzes to complete on top of that. Find a lot more up to the minute information to read from on the prospects site.

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