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Body image and weight

Im a 19 year old uni student and just looking for a bit of advice, over the past year I have put on 2.5 stone. I am 5ft 11 and weigh 15 and a half stone.I'm usually not too bothered about my weight as long as I feel happy in myself and comfortable however I think I have now reached a point where I am unhappy with how my body looks. From 8-18 I was very active as I played rugby and tennis twice a week, this lead to me putting on muscle however its now going. Im just looking for any advice regarding dieting/if the gym is the answer.
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I’m sorry you feel unhappy within yourself, I know the feeling and it is definitely not nice. I would recommend having a look on YouTube firstly at some workout videos and maybe trying some from home to see how you get on before joining a gym as this can be daunting. Perhaps meal planning or dieting would be a good option, I’ve heard amazing things about the Exante Diet (you should be able to find this online) one of my friends has done it and she’s lost nearly 3 stone. In regards to the gym a lot of gyms will offer classes which I’ve heard good things about also, even simply walking can help if you’re trying to lose weight. Swimming is also a great way to lose weight, my local gym offers aquazumba classes so that also could be another option! I say sift around see what works for you and what you feel you can maintain and go from there - you’ve got this :smile:

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