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Ritalin and adhd

So I’ve been diagnosed with adhd for almost 3 years now. From 15 and now I’m 18. I have had a number of mental illness throughout the years inc depression, anxiety, adhd and anorexia (now recovered).

I know it’s very common to get misdiagnosed with adhd which is always on my mind but may be the anxiety talking. I used to be on vyvanse and stopped taking it due to the crash and me using it to loose weight.

I just want to know if it’s normal to feel like this. I am very smart and ace every exam when taking medication. But when i dont, i fail, not motivated to do anything just stress myself out with a million things on my mind and half complete every task. I used to be very hyper and not anymore and i think that might be due to the depression.

I started taking 10mg of Ritalin. I experience a euphoric high where i feel like i can do anything in the world and do everything i can. I then experience a crash where sometimes i will be crying for no reason and super irritable and get angry easily.

Anyone taking ritalin with adhd feel like this? Or do you think I’ve been misdiagnosed
you might be or on too high of a dose
I take 20mg of Ritalin for my studies. I do feel a nice euphoria and strong hyperfocus for about 4 hours, then I normally take a nap afterwards. I don't however experience any crash, I just feel a little tired.
You need to speak to your doctor as 10mg is not a high dose, you may need to be switched over to amphetamines or a longer acting formulation like concerta or Elvanse.

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