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How do you get through lecture material?

Course work is so content heavy, what are efficient ways of learning + understanding?
Just reading the lecture notes is a passive way of learning - try an make it interactive. Thus, if you had to explain the lecture to a friend who missed it, what would you say? What models or theories would you discuss? What was your key take-away?
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Lecture material is just a starting point for the topic discussed. It’s to give you the general overview, methods/theories and examples for you to move forward with your academic research. I would suggest splitting your page into 3, having key quotations the lecturer has referenced, the methods and theories and at the bottom your conclusion/takeaway. The next stage is the most crucial, your own academic reading and research usually prepared for your seminars. There should be a reading list created by your lecturer for each lecture to coincide with the seminar - to understand the topic better read through the recommend reading material and from there you will understand the topic better. Hope this helps!
@sooshi3 The best way I've found to record your notes to ensure you have written down all important information, is to print out the lecture slides (3 slides per page) so you have the lecture slides in front of you and don't need to take notes on what is already on the slide, and can instead write down any new information the lecturer shares with you next to the relevant slide. Or get the slides up on your computer and write in the 'notes' section. I find it handy to have a paper version as if you keep these well organised it is really easy to use when writing up your assignments, but if you have a lot of lectures that day a computer can be helpful in case you get hand cramps!

To process the information you could then go over your notes later that day or week, and make a word document summary of the information, or you could make mind maps, flow charts etc. Using SmartArt on Word is a good way to separate information. Anything really that will help solidify the information in your mind, and through doing this you are actually creating very helpful study material for yourself.

I hope this helps.

- Rosie
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I rarely bothered. I just read other stuff instead.
Original post by sooshi3
Course work is so content heavy, what are efficient ways of learning + understanding?

Hi! @sooshi3

To make notes before a lecture I would copy the lecture slides on to a word document. Then read some recommended books or articles for that lecture, which I could then add to the lecture notes (remember to reference these books/articles, as you made need them for a piece of coursework). This meant that in the lecture I had prior knowledge and had the time in the lecture I could listen and learn, only noting missing information. If I was unsure of anything after the lecture I would contact the lecturer for some guidance.
With all these notes being online I found it easier to organise them, which saved a lot of time and I was able to make them look presentable for me to be able to learn from.

Also, your uni should offer a support study team if you are struggling with balancing your workload. They are really helpful and can personalise learning mechanisms for you.

I hope this helps!
Best wishes
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Hi there,

If available I will always flick through the PowerPoint slides before the lecture. this makes it easier to follow the content and absorb it. when taking notes I often write myself questions as cues for later revision. It also allows me to engage with the content more critically.
Some lectures are more content-heavy, I would suggest a master list of key concepts/definitions/studies. yet again this will help with revision and coursework.

If you feel like you are struggling with the amount of content, I would suggest booking a tutorial with your lecturers as they'll be more than happy to assist you with your learning!

You got this!

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