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Few tips-Unit 6 Physics IAL Edexcel

I would like to give few tips for those who will be sitting Unit 6 exam.
These are the ones, I have found beneficial.
1. Go through all the experiments mentioned in the specification.
This link might help(But it does not contain all the experiments).
PMT website contains Unit 6 experiments as well.
2. Make sure you know all the nitty-gritty of performing an experiments such as planning, safety precautions etc.
3. Understand the meanings of command words which are listed at the end of the specification such as 'Assess', 'Describe' etc.
4. Make sure you know the important definitions such as what's a systematic error, random error etc.
The specification also contains the definitions, do check that out as well.
5.Being able to calculate uncertainties ,it is really important.
For help, you can refer to the end of the specification or you can get help from here.
Unit 6 calculations
This are the important things I can think of. There might be more, feel free to add.
I know the exam is today(12 has passed in my country). But someone in the future may come across this thread.
So, don't hesitate if you want to add something useful in the future.

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