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A Level English Literature Exam 20th June 2022

Hi everyone. I’m revising for my final exam on Monday and I was hoping I could talk to someone on here who is doing the same one. These past two years whilst doing my A Level course I have had quite a few interruptions, mainly due to family problems. Because of this some parts of the course I ended up pretty much skipping and I definitely don’t feel as clued up on A Streetcar Named Desire and the Spies novel. I did a bit of work on Skirrid Hill so I’m not too worried about that one. Can anyone help me out and maybe give me a bit of advice, some guidance to aid me seen as I don’t have a particularly thorough understanding on those two works?
Thank you so much if anyone replies!
Whilst I’m here, if anyone knows a stage production of Spies that I can watch online that would be amazing, I can’t find anything!
Hi I did streetcar named desire so I can help u their! So what I would suggest is making like character summaries for the main characters Blanche,Stella etc. Learn a few key quotes ( or where they can b found if you are allowed the book with u) . Then repeat for themes

I’d also watch the movie😂 Yes ofc their is differences however their are some good adaptions which can help you to remember the quotes/staging/ costume/ key features of each character

YouTube,Spark Notes and even Quizlet have some good summary videos and quizzes so I’d recommend those 2 just recapping knowledge

If u have any other questions/ are confused with anything feel free to message me :smile:

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