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Recommendations for books [Coursework]

So I'm going to be doing coursework for English soon and the categories I'm interested in picking are 'race and ethnicity', 'social class and culture', and 'satire and dystopian'
My options for these books were
Crazy Rich Asians for 'social class and culture' or 'race and ethnicity'
Animal farm for 'satire and dystopian'

1. Which genre out of these 3 do you think is easier to do?

2. What books out there can I use that are pre-1900s? (especially if it has links to east Asian culture/racism)

3. Would animal farm not be a good book as its done a lot in ks3?
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don't do animal farm! my exam board marked people down for using texts that could be used at GCSE. Using a more advanced book is my recommendation :smile:
Thanks for the reply! I'll try and find another book

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