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Having to leave student accomodation.

Am I right in thinking Students have to leave their accommodation during Easter & Christmas holidays, and if they do, do they need to clear it out completely or just not be on site?
Read your contract and see what it says. Can’t say I’ve seen any student accommodation contracts saying you have to physically move your stuff out in the holidays unless it is an obscure contract from a strict landlord?
Sometimes Uni Halls ask occupiers to use a locked section of their wardrobe, or pack belongings into a secure (Hall provided) store.
this is because most Unis also rent the room out over vacations for conference work.

Some students stay over Xmas /Easter but the contract is different. It's normally based on overseas students or students who won't want to return to their home town. They pay extra.

Over the summer, people normally leave anyway. Reading Uni used to offer a Festival deal so you got a bed and bathroom v a leaky tent and "long drop"
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Original post by Scienceisgood
Read your contract and see what it says. Can’t say I’ve seen any student accommodation contracts saying you have to physically move your stuff out in the holidays unless it is an obscure contract from a strict landlord?

Cheers, at the Uni choosing stage so looking at all factors before deciding.
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Assuming from the fact you're posting in the Oxford forum you want to know about Oxford - Oxford can be a little different to other unis in that they do make you move out of most college accommodation over the Christmas and Easter holidays (usually about 4 weeks each) and the summer vacation (around 3.5 months). The standard for most colleges I've heard of is you have to vacate your room on the last day of each term and take all your stuff with you, and then you can move back in sometime in the week before term starts again. Oxford terms are only 8 weeks so you are only spending about half the year in your accommodation. There are exceptions to this, I can only speak for my college but they offer rooms on a 9 month contract so you only have to move out during summer, and these are prioritised for internationals/people with other reasons for needing to stay over the vac. I also know some people who don't have anywhere else to go in the vacation for whatever reason, and the college will accommodate them year-round in those circumstances (though not necessarily in the same room in the vacation and during term!) There's also the opportunity to apply for vacation residence, to allow you to stay in college for various purposes during the vacation, but it's usually at the college's discretion as to whether this gets approved and you'll normally need a reason (e.g. academic reasons, commitments in Oxford). Moving out usually includes clearing out your stuff at the end of each term - Oxford colleges typically host conferences/summer schools etc during vacations so your room will be used. Sometimes there is a small amount of lockable storage space in the room, but usually not enough to fit everything you might bring and it depends on your room whether it exists at all. Colleges also run storage schemes over the vacation but the priority for these usually goes to internationals who won't be able to take many belongings home with them.The upside of this is, assuming you can go home during the vacations, and whoever you live with then isn't charging you rent, you will save a fair bit of money compared to students at other unis, who are usually on longer contracts (and also have longer terms), as you're only paying rent in term-time. However in basically every other way it's extremely annoying and was a major factor in my decision to move out of college after first year and find a private rental with some friends. That is always possible (though not usually done or recommended in first year) and private accommodation will usually be on a more normal contract where you aren't kicked out every vacation! But Oxford rent is high and although private rentals typically charge less per week than college accommodation, you are having to pay rent year-round regardless of if you're living there or have gone home for a vacation. There are workarounds so don't let it put you off, but Oxford is a weird one when it comes to accommodation, and to be honest seem to be operating under the assumption that everyone has parents with a nice big car willing to drop everything to drive down and pick up their kid on a random Friday three times a year!

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