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Porphyria's lover question

How does Browning present relationships in Porphyria's Lover?
If you're doing a comparison question, the farmers bride is great for this.
Browning presents love as toxic, dangerous and one sided through many things.
- the use of dramatic monologue throughout
- the objectification of porphyria and use of imagery to suggest she may be a supernatural/ sub human being (e.g. 'glided')
- the context that porphyria is a rare blood disease causing madness
- possessive verbs throughout
- repetition of 'hair' shows his fixation and obsession

The overall effect of this is a rather creepy poem which shows a scewed view on what love really is. I think you could easily argue it isn't love but yet obsession.
I have some more notes and analysis on the poem if you need it, just let me know!

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