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Lordosis/APT never getting abs ever again


I have APT for about a decade and I tried (though not consistently) some hip flexor stretches and glute strengtheners. Sad thing is that I never seen any progress. I always look fat with skinny arms and I always fear that I can never change this look and I’ll stay like a guy with an ab-less bloat for the rest of my life. Even worse is that I’m studying which means that I have to sit for most durations of the day which means that any stretches I do, won’t be effective since they will be ruined by my sitting.

Does anyone have any advice. I wish I could reverse this posture for the aesthetics.
Will I ever get a 6 pack?
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Has anyone tried any exercises that managed to completely reverse this posture?
I heard that this takes quite a long time depending on how long I had it for. But I don’t wanna wait 5 to10 years 😭

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