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im stuck for computer science coursework A level

i have no clue what to do for my project and I don't know how to code very well either. i don't even know where to start, its stressing me out a bit. anyone got any ideas?
This was a list I was given
School detention system

Booking for a local minicab company (calculate fairs based on distance, time, type of car hired, etc)
Sports team schedule/player points to assign best-points-players to most important games?
Shift scheduling and payroll at the local nursing home
Car hire (cars available, type of car, charges, invoices, lock the rented cars)
Power tools/party supplies hire
Prefect duty rota calculator producing printouts, attendance records, colours/points
Hotel booking (B&B is more realistic)
Cottages hire/Bookings (Horse riding)
Sound/Lighting team
Car wreckers inventory system
Business Payroll
Vet / Dentist / Lawyer / Barbers / Hair dressers appointments
Estate Agency
Keeping track of form tutors handouts and due dates. Prints off reminders, might include a detention module, a UCAS comment module
Window cleaning order book system pricing based on number of windows times the area, with a coefficient for high rise cleaning, time taken, equipment, safety rules
RGS Queen’s Hall bookings
Grading system for schools, including predictions
Foreign languages cue cards and test
Weight-lifting program calories, muscle mass, body fat index, store measurements in file and graph them
Building contractors’ order system plastering, plumbing, digging foundations, brick-laying, giving quotes, etc
Designing/simulating a greenhouse construction temperatures needed, materials required, etc.
Build a software mp3 player with playlists, favourite, etc. for visually impaired
A program/quiz generator for teaching how to read music/guitar
Driving instruction simulator right-of-way scenarios with multiple choice options
Physics lessons interactive simulation of a missile or an arrow in flight the work of stabiliser fins
Biology greenhouse plants tracking system (when blooming, intake of water, growth, etc)
A program that compares two pieces of text to check whether they were written by the same person plagiarism checker using text statistics like average sentence length, common phrases, etc.
Software to support chemical or physics experiments tracks parameters, compounds used, results possibly marks them?
Economic prediction software of time-series analysis finding trends in GDP, unemployment, stock market, importation of tables of data
Primary school games
Modelling of model R/C airplanes/boats the length of wings and strength of motor using physics and aerodynamics formulas
Wind tunnel modelling for model R/C airplanes?

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