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Do Uni laundrettes have ironing boards?

And are the washing machines simple to use?
I don't recall there being an ironing board in the laundry room for my halls - note that it's normally a laundry room, not a laundrette. There might've been one in the cupboard where the hoover and stuff was in our flat though, I was not one to iron things at that time in life though :laugh:

The machines were fairly straightforward to use and there was a little leaflet/poster on the wall with the instructions (that is, to operate the machines, not how to wash particular types of garments!). Mostly it was just, put clothes/detergent/etc in the machine, close the door, put the money in, and leave it to do its thing.

I don't recall there being a lot of options on the ones in my halls of residence either - the washing machine we had in a shared flat later on had a lot more options on the dial (as it was just a standard washing machine in a house, rather than the laundrette style machines in halls).
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And are the washing machines simple to use?


In my halls of residence we had to download the Circuit laundry app, we would load money onto the app and use the QR code scanner to start the washing cycle (codes could also be entered manually). It is worth mentioning that washing and drying can become quite expensive, so I would recommend taking a clothes airer with you to cut the cost of drying.

The ironing boards in my halls were in the kitchen cupboard of my flat, so the laundry rooms are generally for the washing machines and dryers only. Of course, this will be different depending on accommodation.

Overall, I found the washing machines quite easy to use. If there are any issues, the accommodation team should be able to assist.

I hope this helps! If you have anymore questions, please ask.

Jasmine (an Official University of Southampton Rep):smile:
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Original post by zuluwarrior7650
And are the washing machines simple to use?

Hi there,

Like the others have said the ironing board was in the flat rather than the laundry room. I'd definitely recommend having a separate basket/bag to carry everything over in as well.

We had quite large machines so I use to try and wash and dry big loads to save on money, and the machines were always easy to use. If you're worried I'm sure your flatmates or some of the security staff (mine were really friendly) will help you out.

Some of my friends also brought the detergent for clothes you can use in the shower for when they were short on cash or it was an emergency and the machines were all full. That came in handy sometimes for washing underwear or random tops I might need.

Let me know if you have anymore questions and I'd be happy to help :smile:
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Original post by zuluwarrior7650
And are the washing machines simple to use?


I think that this would depend on your university and the halls you are in, so it would be best to contact them directly and ask.

In my first year halls, laundry was done on an app called Circuit. You would pay to do laundry on there and it would also tell you what washers and dryers were free. It was pretty simple to use, as it explained it all on the app. It was expensive, so I use to dry a lot of my clothes on an airer in my room or in my flat hallway.

We did not have an ironing board in the laundry room, but did in our flat cupboard. However, an iron was not included in this.

I hope this helps!
Best wishes
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In my first year, I was living in the university owned accommodation and the laundry room provided an ironing board and iron.
In my second and third year, I lived in private halls and the ironing board was location in a cupboard in the kitchen with the hoover, dustpan and brush, and mop.
Both accommodations used the Circuit laundry app in the laundry rooms. Pretty straightforward: add funds to your account, scan the QR code on the machine you're using or alternatively enter the machine number (make sure you scan the QR code of the correct machine! Some machines are stacked on top of each other and will have up and down arrows next to the QR codes to differentiate which code is for which machine), and then its ready to go!
UCL gifted us the luxury of an ironing board in the laundry :smile:

If they offer powder/tabs it's hit and miss, including if they charge you for this too.

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