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Periodic table help for chemistry

Hey guys,
I'm doing a project on the periodic table. Obviously, I have used google but google doesn't always give you what you exactly need and my teacher is on leave :frown:
I wanted to ask:
- What is the genuine importance of the periodic table in today's life? What would not exist if we didn't have it? Would we have less medicine/drugs? Can someone give me a few points I could write about, please?

Thx so much!
I mean for a chemist, I would say it's one of the most important things, since it gives the most fundamental info about an element, and then from that you can deduce so much about how the element reacts just from knowing where it is on the periodic table, what sub-shell block it's in, how many valence electrons, its mass, a rough idea of its isotopes...Basically, it tells you how it can react and what with.

Also, if we didn't have a structured 'catalogue' of the elements, figuring out trends among the elements would be a real pain. For example, melting points, boiling pts, reducing/oxidising ability, electronegativity, reactivity, solubility etc are all included in the table and having a structured view with most of the elements makes it useful to predict what'll happen in a reaction etc.

So for day-to-day life, it's not useful.
But without it, medicine, and science as we know it may have a completely different approach to things. Some medicines perhaps wouldn't exist, physics as well wouldn't be the same at all (since chemistry and physics are so linked), and biology would maybe be incomparable to how it is now.

These are just my thoughts, you would need to do some more research though. Good luck with it!!
Thanks so much for this!
Sorry to be a pain, but could I also say that if we had no periodic table, some of the laws of physics would be incomplete/not exist. Do you have any examples or ways I can link it to chem , eg thermodynamics and Hess’ law?
Thx again!
No don't worry about it! It's interesting!
I don't do Physics so I can't help much there. I would recommend looking at the relationship between the fundamental particles in an atom and the periodic table, since physicists and chemists both played a part in discovering the structure of an atom.

I just did a quick google and this article looked pretty good:

And then maybe go from there?

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