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Is he a scumbag?

My colleague and I were having a talking stage. You know when everyone suspects somethings on but to be professional we can’t make it obvious. He had a crush on me for a year before I knew. So we’re like friends getting to know each other but not dating.
Recently, my boss who is notorious for flirting for fun, broke up with her bf, and found my talking stage/friend a source of comfort. He would take her out for dinner, dry her tears (literally), take her to the pub to comfort her.
They were friends before I knew him, but recently they’re grown tighter, lots of hugs and cuddles, so far so she jokes he is her “work husband” who she flirts with for fun, knowing well that him & I were getting to know each other.
Everytime I try to talk to him, he says I’m making up scenarios in my head, that they’re “just friends” -
So is it me? Am I going crazy and controlling? Or is this friendship a little inappropriate?
Always trust your gut instinct and listen to what your common sense is telling you. :smile:

He could just be trying to be polite, friendly or helpful.
Alternatively he may be opportunistic and ambitious, trying to flirt with her to advance his career or gain access to helpful contacts.
He may be the generally friendly but unprofessional type who makes a habit of getting too closely involved with coworkers then having sex with them and regretting it a few weeks/months after.
He could be a lying scumbag, he could also not be.
Your guess is as good as a random TSR strangers.
Good luck!

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