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Geography NEA lit review help

Hello, i am doing my nea for geography atm the exam board is aqa. Our teachers have told us that we have to do a lit review however all he exemplars don’t have one in, so I’m not too sure on structure.

Could someone please let me know is this is okay and if not what I should include.

My question i: How has an increase on tourism impacted the coastal defences in Minehead?

Many geographers have researched this topic globally with the majority being articles about the impacts that both climate change and coastal defences may have while also introducing the factor of climate change. Many diverse types of evidence for this topic have been published from a thesis to journals, to articles. ‘With tourism making up 9% of the UK’s GDP’ and it being ‘strongly influenced by climate’ (Oxford University Centre for the Environment) Minehead has made the protection of the beach a priority, however, due to ‘climate change increasing the months Where conditions are comfortable for tourists’ and the severity of storms increasing stated by the MCCIP science review 2013. Puts greater risk to Minehead’s main source of income.

Many of the UK’s coastlines are also highly susceptible to coastal erosion and flooding, in a coastal town that makes a profit from their beaches like Minehead this is a large problem. ‘It has been estimated that 23% of the world's population lives within 100 km of the coast’ (Groundsure 2015, Importance of Coastal Defence for Flood Risk) therefore, this suggests that flood defences are essential for maintaining prominent levels of tourism. The population of Minehead is 12,000 however since the opening of Butlins brought in over 900,000 visitors just for day trips (Minehead Economic Plan Coastal Community Team January 2016). The UK natural ecosystem assessment 2014 stated that ‘more than 250 million visits are made to the UK coasts each year… with seaside tourism valued at £17 million’. This means that Minehead need to have a suitable future in term of tourism, and this can be achieved by the development of coastal defences.

In this field of study, many geographers look at the impact of climate change creating a wider area of investigation.
Very good.

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