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    Anon or delete please, I know people on here.

    Hey guys, I was wondering what you would make of this situation I am about to give you. I know I haven't handled it on the best way but it's the situation i'm in.
    Right so the story starts off with me breaking up with my ex a couple of weeks ago because she started liking someone else and so I wasn't about to go out with someone who wasn't satisfied with me. Anyway that ended and during the course of the couple of week i've been on outings with another girl who I get on really well with in our society. It's not been very much (just outings to uni bars playing pool and lunch) but it's just been me and her and she was always up for going and never showed any doubt that she didn't want to come (we've also been out when there's a whole group of us and i've talked to her fine and we get on great). I've always walked her back to campus and after a couple of outings I got a nice hug, which was unexpected. Now few days ago I took her to the cinema and during the course of the film I was thinking about whether or not she liked me. To me and friend it seemed like she did. So taken this in mind I went and held her hand during the film, not so forward but subtly. She had not objections and i walked her home and we were holding hands, which I thought was great and we got to her door and we kissed, again I thought that was a good sign!
    However things got a bit weird yesterday when I met a friend in the library and the girl was there. Things were normal but I couldn't be like I was with the girl around this guy as could be if we were alone. But anyway the day passed and things seemed ok and again I dropped her off at her door and we kissed again. Then we spoke on MSN after she had been out with friends. It was just the normal how are you etc and we started talking about things. However I was having doubts about being so forward and holding hands with her during the film so I asked her if I was out of line by holding her hand on saturday? She replied saying she doesn't know, and that she is confused about somethings in herself. It wasn't the ideal response I was looking for but hey. Anyway I replied saying that I didn't help matters and I'm sorry. She replied saying "lol, dw" and that she was sorry if she gave off confusing signals. then she said "still friends right?" and I said "yeah of course".
    Then the conversation took another turn and starting talking about random things again.
    Now what would you make of that situation? I really like her, but now i'm not sure if she likes me? When she says "still friends right" does it mean that she is worried that we're not friends or that she wants to be friends and only friends? It's weird because on the walk back from the cinema everything was great, she didn't show any sign that she was uncomfortable in the situation.
    but anyway what do you think is going down?

    Thanks guys.
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